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Build with the number one product!

Arxx is the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System in North America. Arxx is the only Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) that provides a solid-to-solid attachment for all finishing material (like drywall, siding or brick ties). Our patented, exposed X-web is unique! Arxx is the one with the stripes.

“When you’re in our home you can’t believe the difference, even though it looks like any other house. We heat for a fraction of the cost. It’s cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and we never hear the wind howling outside.” Gail Healy, Arxx Homeowner

Arxx walls and foundations keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Arxx comfort

Arxx Foundations: Your home’s comfort starts in the basement

An Arxx basement is more comfortable. It’s built with a reinforced concrete core sandwiched between two layers of expanded polystyrene foam insulation.

Arxx walls dramatically reduce drafts and “cold spots” compared to conventional basements. The two layers of Arxx foam insulation will also eliminate most basement humidity problems. The “thermal mass” of the concrete core stabilizes the temperature in your basement so that you get even comfort, all year round. That’s the real payoff of an Arxx basement. You get more, ultra-comfortable living space from the very first day your home is built.

Thermal Mass

Arxx Exterior Walls: Superior comfort for your entire home

Arxx Insulated Concrete Walls virtually eliminate the “cold spots” that often occur in old fashioned frame walls, because your home is wrapped in a continuous layer of foam insulation. An Arxx home has much less air infiltration and fewer drafts than a conventional frame house.

The solid concrete core of an Arxx wall stabilizes the temperature in your home because of its thermal mass, so you enjoy more constant temperatures, throughout the day.

With its high R-values, low air infiltration, and high thermal mass, you can save up to 50% of energy costs compared to conventional construction, and your overall operating and maintenance costs will be much lower.

What’s more, Arxx forms are guaranteed by the Arxx 30 year limited warranty, and The Arxx Championship Support Team.

Air Infiltration

Arxx walls stand up to the forces of time and nature

Strong and safe

“When Hurricane Charley passed right over our home – I felt totally safe – you could not even hear the 150 mph winds outside. I wanted to build the best home I could. And I did!” Chuck Taylor, Arxx Homeowner

Arxx Foundations: The strength of your home rests on your foundation

Arxx stay-in-place forms provide a slow, moist cure which increases the strength of the concrete. To get a similar strength with conventional forms, your builder would have to leave the temporary forms up for an extended period.

The reinforced monolithic concrete structure of an Arxx wall gives you dramatically improved strength and durability. It’s more stable and less likely to shift and/or crack than a conventional foundation.

The insulating foam, which covers both sides of the concrete core is treated with fire retardant. It also protects your foundation against mold and mildew because it is inert. You can protect the foundation with our peel-and-stick moisture barrier, or use our premium damp proofing, the Arxx Maxx Foundation Wrap.

Fire Resistance wind Resistance

Arxx Exterior Walls: Superior comfort for your entire home

Arxx walls stand up to the forces of time and nature. The structural integrity of steel reinforced concrete provides exceptional protection for your home from wind-blown debris during hurricanes, tornadoes and storms.

Arxx is the only Insulated Concrete Wall System that provides a solid-to-solid attachment for all finishing materials (like drywall, siding or brick ties). Our patented, exposed X-web is unique! Arxx is the one with the stripes. This helps prevent problems like screw pops and siding sag because it extends the strength of the concrete core through to all your finishing materials.

Arxx walls can be designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph or more. Laboratory tests simulating hurricane storm damage demonstrate that an Arxx home can withstand wind-blown debris travelling at over 100 mph. Arxx walls are fire resistant too. You can build walls that provide UL/ULC rated 2- and 4-hour fire resistance.

The strength and durability of Arxx promises lower maintenance costs and better long-term value.

Concrete Strength

Keep it Quiet

The quiet is built in

“With the high winds that we experience in our area, we can see the trees moving outside but we can’t hear or feel a thing. It’s just quiet, cozy and comfortable.” Chris & Jamie Roblin, Arxx Homeowners

With Arxx insulated concrete walls
the peace and quiet is built-in

Arxx Foundations: Peace of mind

When you build your foundation walls with Arxx you know that your basement is going to be one of the most comfortable rooms in the house! Plus, with Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of up to 50 or more, your basement will be extremely sound resistant.

You can protect the foundation with Spray Urethane Foam, our peel-and-stick moisture barrier, or use our premium damp proofing, the Arxx Maxx Foundation Wrap.

Sound Reduction

Arxx Exterior Walls: Quiet confidence

Find true peace and quiet inside your home, no matter how noisy it is outside.
The massive concrete core of an Arxx wall protects your home from external noise. An Arxx wall will reduce sound transmission into your home by 75% – 85% when compared to a conventional wood frame wall. Noisy neighbors, busy streets and jarring lawn mowers are reduced to a whisper.

Arxx walls carry an impressive Sound Transmission Class (STC) of up to 50 or more. This means it’s a lot quieter inside an Arxx home. In fact, many commercial builders use Arxx walls when they are building movie theaters because Arxx provides such effective sound control, so it would be great for your home theatre.

Next to comfort, “quietness” is the benefit most often cited by families who live in ICF homes. They say that after living in a home built with insulated concrete walls, they would never live in a conventional wood frame again. An Arxx home is just so much more comfortable and quiet.

Home Owner Benefits

If you can imagine it, you can build it with Arxx

Chicago Home

“If I could use one word to describe my Arxx home it would be ‘comfort’ – my home is so quiet, and so comfortable inside – it’s just great!”
Steve Lenzmeier, Arxx Homeowner

Arxx Foundations: Any shape, any size, every basement is better with Arxx

Perhaps you’re building on a sloped lot. Perhaps the shape of your foundation is complex, with lots of custom nooks, crannies and curves. Or perhaps, you want the extra headroom with a 9′ ceiling in your basement. Whatever you’re looking for in your basement, your contractor can probably build it easier, faster and stronger with Arxx.

Arxx is the stay-in-place concrete form designed by builders, for builders. It is the complete wall building system. Arxx forms are lightweight, pre-assembled, and lock together. Arxx is perfect for basements. Arxx forms are 16¾” high, so six rows stack to a finished ceiling height of 8’1″. Add another row of 12″ high forms, and you get a finished 9’1″ basement.

arxx walls

Arxx Exterior Walls: Curved walls, straight walls, beautiful walls

You can create any shape or size home you can imagine. We provide the widest product selection in the industry, so you can easily build any shape, curve or angle. You can finish it with any material – brick, stone, stucco, or wood siding, confident that it’s solidly attached with the Arxx patented, exposed X-web. With a reinforced concrete core, Arxx walls have the strength to create large open spaces, offering you complete design flexibility.

With the added thickness of an Arxx wall, you can create beautiful inset windows with deep, crisp shadows that emphasize the architectural details.

Whether it’s a Victorian Gingerbread home, a Colonial Mansion, or a small getaway, your Arxx home will be quiet, easy to maintain, and safer from fire, hurricanes, and wood rot.

Your Arxx home will be low maintenance and energy efficient, and have excellent resale value. It’s a solid investment, and that’s what makes it truly beautiful.

Save energy, save the environment, and save money with an Arxx home

Arxx Homes save energy

Canadian Green Build Council - Member US Green Build Council - Member

“We have neighbors that have smaller homes who pay twice as much in heating and cooling costs than we do in our Arxx home.” Jane A. Paquette, Arxx Homeowner

Arxx Foundations: Save energy from the basement up

Arxx foundations are far more energy efficient and last longer than conventional foundations.

The solid concrete core of an Arxx wall stabilizes the interior temperature because of its thermal mass. Arxx walls can produce equivalent insulation values of up to R-50. You enjoy stable, constant thermal performance in your basement, even when the outdoor temperature changes dramatically throughout the day. In the event of a power outage, the R-50 equivalent of the walls helps maintain the comfort zone inside the home for approximately three times longer than most conventional walls.

With all of these benefits, the surprising thing is that Arxx foundations cost about the same to build as conventional finished foundations.  You’ll save energy, you’ll help save the environment, and you’ll save money.

Arxx Exterior Walls: Superior energy savings and value for your entire home

Over the long run, benefits like energy efficiency, disaster and fire resistance, and durability reduce the cost of owning your home. Reduced noise and more constant temperatures mean quiet comfort that you can enjoy year round. It all adds up to savings that you will enjoy, year after year.

With its high R-values, low air infiltration, and high thermal mass, you can use a smaller heating and cooling system, and save up to and over 50% of heating and cooling costs (depending on the region where you live) compared to a conventional home. In fact, your Arxx home may qualify for an energy efficient mortgage.

How does an ARXX wall stand up to a conventional wood frame wall?

Arxx Walls versus Conventional Wood Frame Walls
Feature Arxx Walls Insulated Wood
Frame Walls
Fire Resistance UL/ULC listing 2-4 hour Fire Resistance Ratings. 30 minutes (according to the National Building Code of Canada).
Sound Resistance STC up to 50 or higher. STC of 32 (according to the National Building Code of Canada).
Energy Efficiency Thermal resistance of R-22. Can exceed the performance of a wood framed wall insulated up to R-50. Typical wood frame is R-19 or less.
Wind Resistance Wind resistance up to 150 mph. Meets Dade County Protocol PA 201-94 for hurricane storm damage. Typical wood frame construction does not meet same standards.
Building Steps Install framing, insulation, vapor barrier,
air barrier, and strapping, all in one step.
Requires multiple steps to assemble all the required layers.
Arxx Walls versus Conventional Poured Concrete Walls
Feature Arxx Walls Conventional Insulated Concrete
Energy Efficiency Thermal resistance of R22. Can exceed the performance of an R-50 wall. Typical poured wall is
insulated with R-19 or less.
Building Steps Install framing, insulation, vapor barrier, air barrier, and strapping, all in one step. Must install formwork, pour concrete, then remove formwork, then install insulation, vapor barrier and strapping.
Cure Strength Concrete gets a slow, moist cure for maximum strength. The insulating value of Arxx protects the concrete from temperature fluctuations while it cures, so you can build year round. Must leave formwork up for an extended period to get same strength as an Arxx wall. If the forms are removed too early, strength is dramatically reduced. May
not cure properly in extreme weather.